Video Truck and Cargo theft prevention

Video Car theft prevention

Product Overview

Smart alarm with GPS Tracker

Anti-theft device incl. GPS tracker
for car, truck, cargo and home.

GPS long-term tracker AMGoTrack

Long term GPS tracker with 6 month battery power and geofence, live tracking, speed alert.

Smart GPS Tracker with 2-way communication

The smart alarm incl. GPS tracker offers the user and family/friends peace of mind with knowing that help is only a push of a button away.


Vehicle Alarm and/or GPS tracker might reduce your vehicle / house Insurance rate*

*please see your insurance agent for details.

Wireless Car Alarm CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus
The wireless CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus is suitable for cars, campers, caravans and trucks of all ages and manufacturers.


The wireless CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus combines a vehicle alarm system and a fully-fledged GPS tracker in one device. CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus is the first and only GPS alarm system on the market to be easily placed in the vehicle. The alarm system then secures doors and trunk against opening, secures windows against knocking and the vehicle against driving away or towing. Only the power supply has to be made, other cabling is not required.

dimension: 5,43 x 3,81 x 1,25 inch (138x97x32 mm)

weight: 2,20 lb

Secure of trucks and trailer / cargo

Securing of caravans

Features at a glance:

  • Installation without workshop costs, no cabling, quick and easy installation
  • No expertise required for commissioning
  • Extremely loud indoor siren drives every offender out of the vehicle
  • With alarm you receive call, SMS and the position of your vehicle
  • Integrated battery secures the function of the device over 14 days without power connection
  • App & Online platform for the position display of the vehicle
  • Livetracking, GeoFence, speed alarm (E-Mail on alarm triggering)
  • Full GPS tracking function, the position of the vehicle can be seen at any time
  • Easy operation via radio remote control up to 328 feet distance

Various additional options for the remote control

  • Press lightning: Immediate alarm - the siren will be activated immediately and you will be called
  • Press bell: silent alarm - you will be called without the siren being activated

How infrasonic sensor works

GPS online portal

If monitoring is not required while driving, the alarm module of the CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus will be disarmed by remote control. The GSM / GPS module can work as a full GPS tracker with recording of the entire route. You have an app and a browser version available. Unlike many other GPS portals, the tracking software is permanently free.

Reviews for Smart alarm with GPS Tracker

Cars were frequently stolen in my neighborhood and now we have CarPro-Tec, we sleep much more quietly.
Other systems I would have had to installed by a workshop - that would have taken time and additional cost. With CarPro-Tec installation and setup is incredible easy.
At first I was skeptical if such a small system can secure my entire car. But after a few initial tests, I was impressed by how reliable it works!

Conclusion – from the tester at German magazine digital home

Easy to install, versatile to expand, alarm and tracking - you can hardly expect more from a state-of-the-art vehicle alarm system such as the CarPro-Tec GPS Plus from AMG-Sicherheitstechnik

Conclusion – from the tester at German magazine Car & HiFi

The CarPro-Tec GPS is a cost-effective way to protect your vehicle, and the installation is incredibly easy. The goal of the uncomplicated alarm system is reached

Scope of Supply

1 x CarPro-Tec Alarm System incl. GPS tracker
1 x Indoor siren
1 x 16.4 ft. cable extension for siren
1 x Arming LED
1 x 6.5 ft. USB cable, USB charging plug for DC connector
2 x remote control
1 x magnet for fast and easy attachment
1 x manual in English
1 x AMG World SIM Card


This SIM-card can use for:

AMG WORLD SIM-card always seeks the strongest network worldwide, thus always reliable position (i.e. if you are at the East Coast it might use Verizon, while in Midwest it might use AT&T or when you are in Canada it might use Bell, etc.)

  • $49 (One time fee and good for 2 years)
  • 1,000 GPS position data and 10 SMS per month

T-Mobile SIM-card

This SIM-card can use for:

*Please assure before purchase that T-Mobile network is available in your area.

**extra charges apply when exceeding the monthly data plan.

  • $45 (One time fee and good for 1 year)
  • 100 SMS / 100 min talk / 100 MB (per month)

available sensors

DSP Motion Sensor

The DSP sensor combines the function of the 2 best sensors for the monitoring, the motion detector and the light barrier. For this he uses 2 independently operating sensors in one housing.

Anesthetic gas / gas detector

This combination detector reacts to the smallest amount of common anesthetic gases and also protects against the usual gases such as propane, butane etc.

Wireless smoke detector with heat detector

Smoke or heat above 60 degrees Celsius will trigger the alarm. The smoke detector works with a 9 V block battery.

Window / door magnetic sensor with glass breakage detector

This special combination transmitter combines the advantages of a window-magnet contact with the advantages of a glass break detector in a sensor.


CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus:

The system can protect your vehicle for about 14 days without power supply.

CarPro-Tec® GPS Go:

The system can protect your vehicle for about 6 weeks without power supply.

The system has a sensor that measures the pressure differential created when opening a cab or trunk. Even shaking can trigger from a certain sensitivity, but the sensitivity can be adjusted continuously, so that a setting can be selected that causes no unwanted triggering.

As long as all the windows and doors remain closed, you can stay in the vehicle when the system is switched on.

The system is powered by the cigarette lighter with voltage. The package includes a 2 m USB cable and a dual USB charger for the car.

The interior siren sounds with 110 dB, which is audible from the outside.

Yes, it takes a volume of data, but 10MB per month is enough. We recommend the prepaid SIM card from Blue, because there is 10MB available for free every month be put.