Anesthetic gas / gas combined detector


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  • gas detector
  • Responds to smallest quantities
  • With integrated acoustic signal siren
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Unfortunately, there are more and more cases in which sleeping people in motorhomes, caravans or trucks are stunned by anesthetic gas and then robbed. To direct the anesthetic gas into the vehicle, an opening of 3 to 4 mm (ventilation grille in the door, etc.) is sufficient. As protection against this particularly bold and dangerous method, the anesthetic gas / gas combination detector was developed.

This combination detector reacts to the smallest amount of common anesthetic gases and also protects against the usual gases such as propane, butane etc.

The anesthetic gas combination detector can be connected directly to 12 V and has its own acoustic signal generator. To transmit the alarm signal to the alarm center, a transmitter is connected to the gas combi detector.


1 x gas detector
1 x radio transmitter
1 x power supply
1 x user manual