DSP motion detector photoelectric sensor


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The DSP sensor combines two independently operating sensors, a motion detector and a light barrier.

DSP stands for Dual Signal Protection, meaning that this DSP sensor will only trigger if both sensors register motion independently from each other at the same time.

This considerably increases the security against false tripping.

The DSP sensor is designed to monitor, like a photocell, a precisely adjustable range that prevents false alarms from small animals and ensures that you can determine very precisely which areas should be monitored.

The special design and the waterproof housing allow the use anywhere outdoors. It does not matter if it is snowing, raining or the sun is shining directly on the sensor.
The combined PIR (passive infrared sensors) ensure that even in the wind wobbling leaves or shrubs cannot trigger an alarm. Only if sufficient heat radiation (body heat) is registered with simultaneous movement of both sensors, a radio signal is sent.


Height: 4 5/8-inch
Width: 3 1/8-inch
Depth: 1 5/8-inch

Weight: 600 grams
Working temperature: -4 to + 104°F


1 x DSP motion detector photoelectric sensor
3 x AA 1.5V Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries (more than 6 months)
1 x 2 3/8-inch (60mm) magnetic pad for indoor installation
1 x screws + dowels
1 x manual