World SIM card (AMG)


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Only in use with GPS long-term tracker AMGoTrack

AMG WORLD SIM-card always seeks the strongest network worldwide, thus always reliable position (i.e. if you are at the East Coast it might use Verizon, while in Midwest it might use AT&T or when you are in Canada it might use Bell, etc.)

$49 2 years


The World SIM card is not a standard prepaid SIM card but a special SIM that logs into the strongest wireless network worldwide at no extra cost and informs about an alarm via data transmission and SMS. A call is not made.

This World SIM card uses a data and SMS pool provided by us, eliminating the need to recharge like a prepaid card. There are no contract periods. The SIM card is not automatically shut down, as with standard prepaid cards after 6-15 months of lack of use.

There are no additional costs except ordering the SIM card.
The World SIM card is unlocked for 1,000 GPS position data per month and 10 SMS. Further position data are available on demand. When used in CarPro-Tec GPS, the position data contained experience is completely sufficient.

The World SIM card can be used any number of months / years. The administration of the World SIMs under the customer names is done exclusively via AMG, no data is passed on externally.
The World SIM can not be used in other devices, it is paired with your device and firmly linked.


1 x World SIM card for CarPro-Tec GPS (1,000 positions + 10 SMS / month)